donderdag 30 juni 2011

I remember....

... how Galen grew and developed in slightly over a week, just before he turned ten months old. He learned to move his head towards us when we say 'Galen kusje', how he rests his heads on you when you say 'Galen slapen', how he learned how to stand up, how to sit and how to crawl using also his legs and not only his arms. He also says 'mmm' when he eats and he got two teeth.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

I remember.... I got home on a sunny monday after work. Galen was nine months and three quarters old. He was playing on the floor. But when he saw me, he started to crawl towards me, as fast as he could.

I remember....

.... how my brother was ill on a day that it had snowed in a long time. I could play outside, but Floris couldn't. So my parents filled the bath with snow, so we could play inside with snow.

.... how my brother came home after falling down the stairs, well from the third step from below. He broke his collarbone and came home with his arm in a 'mitella'.

.... how I played with my brother in the windowsil with playmobil. And how we had a large wooden box for lego, divided in different spaces, so we could sort the lego. And we had plates with pieces of road on it, so we could make a long road and build stuff around it.