maandag 2 mei 2011

I remember...

... Galen at the consultatiebureau. He was playing with a block and he was offered a second one, because teh nurse wanted to see if he could keep a thing in both of his hands simultanously. Galen looked at the block and dropped one, so the nurse gave it back to him. He looked at it again and dropped it again. So she tried a third time and he dropped it again. The fourth time Galen turned and looked at her like :'Dude, I dropped it three times, don't you get that I do not want it? Go away'. Then she stopped and decided that he could do it. We started to talk and Galen turned, picked up the block and started to slam it together with the other block.

.... also in this meeting. The nurse picked Galen up and tried to make him sit to see whether he could do it. He sat and he keeped on sitting when she took her hands of him. We looked at each other astonished, because we never tried whether he could sit, because he always stands up immediately.

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